2019 National Women of Cannabis Conference Speakers

Learn from some amazing women who are leading the way in the cannabis industry.

Ophelia Chong

Ophelia Chong

Ophelia Chong, community activist, educator, graphic designer & photographer.

Ophelia Chong is the founder of Stock Pot Images and Asian Americans for Cannabis Education (AACE). She is driven to help shape the new conversation of Cannabis and is guided by one mission: to advocate for the legalization of cannabis and offer truthful reflections of the faces and communities that embrace cannabis. As of April 2019, Ophelia joined Green Sky Strategy with her partners Brian Quigley and Jim McAlpine. Green Sky Strategy will also be partnering with two incubators in the US and EU.

As well as leading StockPot Images, she also served as the Community Outreach liaison for THC Design, one of the top premium cannabis growers in CA, where she was responsible for LGBT, Veterans, Women, Minorities and Disabled outreach.

As an artist, her work has been published by Harper Collins, Gestalten (3 books) and other major publishers of books and magazines. Her latest collage work was commissioned by Simon & Schuster and will debut in the Fall of 2018.

Her career path has been formed by her 3 decades in photography, as an award winning creative director in publishing and film as creative director to three major film festivals, published artist and gallerist, entertainment and as an adjunct professor in education at Art Center College of Design – her path is non-ending because she believes that we all have at least five careers in our lifetimes.

About StockPot Images

Asian Americans for Cannabis Education

Green Sky Strategy

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is
the greatest accomplishment.”
—Ralph Waldo Emerson

Stormy Simon

Stormy Simon

Stormy Simon is a Cannabusiness leader and corporate warrior. Hailing from a blue collar family in small-town Utah, she was married and a mom by the time she was 17, and divorced with two kids by 21. With early career roots in radio, media buying, and marketing promotions, in 2001, a temp agency placed her in what was supposed to be a short-term assignment in the sales department at Overstock.com, one of the first e-commerce retailers.

She thrived at Overstock, building internal departments including Branding, Marketing and Customer Service, where she coined the phrase “Customer Care.” She was promoted to VP of Branding in 2004 after writing and producing the iconic “Discover the Secret of the Big O” campaign, which propelled Overstock into becoming a household name. Stormy led the organization to become a top 25 trafficked e-tail site, garnered numerous distinctions for customer service including ranking in the top 4 AMEX/NRF Customer Choice Awards, and was elevated to President of the nearly $2B company in 2013.

Under Stormy’s leadership, Overstock was named to Forbes’ list of “Americas 100 Most Trustworthy Companies.” She was also honored as a Power Player by the National Retail Federation in 2016, and awarded Top Innovator by Utah Women in Tech awards 2015. A devoted mentor to her female employees and a longtime advocate for women overall, one of her proudest accomplishments was growing the ranks of female executives at Overstock from 7% to 33%.

In 2016, Stormy stepped down from the Presidency at Overstock and followed her passion into the Cannabis industry. A longtime cannavangelist and recreational usage proponent, she began working at a cultivation center in Denver where she immersed herself in understanding Cannabis growth cycles and distribution. Inspired and educated by her new colleagues, Stormy became a medical advocate, which led her to join the board of CannaKids, a California-based brand focused on supplying medical cannabis oil tinctures and cannabis products to patients of all ages.

Active across multiple industries, Stormy is also a current board member of High Times, Opu Labs, 101 Studios in Los Angeles, and an emerging rideshare company called TRYP. She also served as a Strategic Officer for Mtrac Tech, a block-chain payment system for cannabis-related businesses. Stormy has volunteered her time to a variety of non-profit boards including the Columbus Community Center, which provides jobs to adults with mental disabilities, the Advisory Board of YWCA, Boys & Girls Club of SLC, and the Jon Huntsman Gubernatorial committee of Economic Development. A passionate advocate for veterans, Stormy is an ardent supporter of Wounded Warrior Project, a charitable organization that helps active duty service members and veterans.

In September, Stormy will unveil a brand-new podcast called “The Tribe Talks: Cannabis Editions,” featuring her engaging, largely female team of Cannabusiness badasses sharing their respective expertise in the areas of business, science, compliance, and cultivation.

Frances González

Frances González

Frances González is recognized as one of the leaders in the women’s entrepreneurs
movement in Cannabis. With more than 15 years of experience in telecommunications,
corporate operations and international relations in 2015 she decided to launch her own business
in Puerto Rico as founder and executive director of Millennia Solutions, a provider of digital
communication tools and solutions for companies. Months later medical cannabis is legalized on
her island and she pursues further education with subject matter experts.

Through her educational journey, Frances launches Latinas Cannapreneurs, an organization
with a mission to inspire, educate and elevate the latino community about the culture and
industry of cannabis through education, activism and entrepreneurship. Through trips to
international cannabis conventions, she had the opportunity to learn and collaborate with
industry legends. She is also a contributor to several digital publications in California and
Canada, showcasing the cannabis industry in Puerto Rico internationally. Frances is influencing
and opening the way for the next generation of Latinas Cannabis Entrepreneurs.

Mila Jansen

Mila Jansen

Mila Jansen was born 1944 in Liverpool, UK. She invented the first mechanical method to seperate the trichomes from cannabis plant from the rest of the plant material.

That’s the Pollinator, in 1994, later the bags, the Ice-O-lator bags, were first made by her. Last came the Bubbleator, a small washing machine.

All her products seperate the trichomes without using any solvents. Because of these inventions she is known as the Hash Queen.

She has travelled a lot, over land to India in 1968, where she lived for fourteen years with her four children.

Now she travels a lot to organise a hash event called Dab-A-Doo.

Her book, “Mila, How I became the Hash Queen” was published and will be available at
this event.

She just returned from a South American Dab-A-Doo Tour, covering Peru, Costa Rica, Mexico, Colombia and Chili.

Monique Jackson-Fitzgerald

Monique Jackson-Fitzgerald

Monique Jackson-Fitzgerald is the CEO and co-founder of InnDica.com, the CEO and co-founder of Lazy Turtle Group, LLC, and an attorney and owner of the Law Office of Monique Jackson-Fitzgerald.

Our platform, InnDica.com is an online resource for cannabis enthusiasts featuring a curated list of cannabis friendly hotels, inns, resorts, and vacation rentals along with event venues and the soon to be opened cannabis consumption lounges. Our platform also features events and cannabis tours. We are the first to offer cannabis travelers a place to share their travel reviews, insights and trip stories.

Through our online magazine, Foolish Talking, we are featuring trips, entertainment, reviews and voices from the cannabis industry. Our mission is to help shape the view of the cannabis community and do our part to reduce the stigmas associated with cannabis use as we promote responsible social consumption.

As an attorney and business consultant I focus on cannabis regulations involving cannabis tourism and events and helping ancillary businesses work with cannabis partners. Our firm also designs and develops branding and packaging for the legal cannabis industry.

Rylie Maedler

Rylie Maedler

Not only is this teenage powerhouse the CEO of her own cannabinoid company and non-profit foundation, but she has also helped pass five laws granting children in her home state of Delaware access to medical cannabis. She travels the world speaking at conferences to advocate for the legal and safe access to medical cannabis. Clinical research is also a big part of Rylie’s mission since the lack of research holds back patient care. While the word “inspirational” is grossly overused, there is no other word to describe the young cannabis activist and daily medical cannabis user.

Scarlet Ravin

Scarlet Ravin

Cannabis Advocate, Plant Spirit Channel, Glow Enhancer, International Best-Selling Author

Scarlet Ravin is the Founder/CEO of White Fox Medicinals, a woman owned forward-thinking cannabis and CDB brand. White Fox specializes in technologies and formulations that have the purpose of raising awareness, love, and personal internal power. Her single mission is to remind us that within each being is an unbreakable strength and her medicinal offerings help those awaken to that remembrance of inner resilience.

Since 2007, Scarlet has been in the cannabis industry riding the waves of legalization and advocating for woman to stand in their power and share their magic in the cannabis industry. Part of what makes White Fox unique is the fact that it is 100% women-owned and women-ran. At the root of White Fox, is sisterhood. Scarlet has created a unique circle of Fox’s (i.e. fellow lady employees, models, and supporters) that represent White Fox as a whole. White Fox is a family and is truly more of a movement than a brand.

Her internationally best-selling book, “Follow the Medicine: Awakening Self-Empowerment” has helped many find their inner strength. In this new chapter, Scarlet is humbly stepping into the role as a public speaker with the intention of inspiring those she meets to express their own inner light.

As a serial entrepreneur, she has interwoven plant spirit medicine into her daily working prayers. In doing so, she has developed the unique ability to speak with the spirit of the plant allowing access to true path guidance and the creation of a new world here and now for us all to enjoy. Saturated with other worldly downloads, Scarlet’s ability to share information on how we can access the life we always dreamed of helps many awaken to new ways of viewing their own life, which ultimately leads to abundant healthy change.

This indigo child is all grown up now and ready to fully accept her earthly mission of showing all beings how to access higher states of consciousness.

Nichole West

Nichole West

Nichole is a nationwide Cannabis Business, Cultivation & Efficiency Expert. With over 10 years in the cannabis industry she has worked for large cannabis marketing companies like WeedMaps.com and Rosebud Magazine and has also had success in 45+ cannabis business applications, opened 20 retail locations in four states, overseen as many as 400 employees, and has helped scale over 150,000 square feet of cultivation. She is the founder and managing partner of Inclusive Cannabis, a full service cannabis business development firm. Nichole West is a senior adviser of a private equity investment firm where she and her company performs due diligence on cannabis businesses seeking funding. Additionally Nichole is working toward expanding her already existing love for helping people by creating an event networking circuit that focuses on strong mentorship & career building workshops in the cannabis space. More info available at www.nicholewest.com.


  • 2019 – OC Weekly People Issues : Cannabiz Specialist
  • 2018 – High Times Magazine : 100 Women in High Places
  • 2017 – Cannabis Business Awards CBA Globes : Woman of the Year
  • 2016 – Marijuana Venture : 40 under 40
  • 2015 – High Times Magazine : Miss March 2015
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