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Women of Cannabis Conference

The Women of Cannabis Conference is a female driven organization designed to provide events that engage and empower women in the marijuana and hemp industry.

Stacy Thompson


Stacy Thompson is a Michigan native that saw an opportunity to enter into the Cannabis Industry in 2015, and went for it! Stacy has been using Cannabis in one form or another for almost 3 decades, and not until she came out of the “Canna Closet”, did she realize how much education is still needed for consumers. She has created a platform for advocates to business women, to everyday moms to share their stories and make an income by doing so, through in-home parties. Canna Closet will be launching nationally within the next few months, and is already in 20 states, having parties and breaking stigma about CBD and this incredible plant family. Stacy’s past career as a birth doula, helped her ease into the role as founder of the Women of Cannabis Conference, supporting and encouraging women to be brave, be strong, and stand together. Creating a tribe of women who empower one another through networking, collaboration, encouragement, and having a platform to unite us all as one!

Stacy has been sought out by Industry Leaders, but she is determined to create her own brand of empowerment and education through products that she can create and control for maximum results at affordable cost. As the cannabis industry grows, she encourages you to take the leap and find your passion through the plant.

“Together we are unstoppable.” —Stacy Thompson

Alexandra Ruby

Strategic Partnership

Alexandra Ruby was born and raised in Minneapolis, MN, the eldest of a 7 child household, she was destined to fill a role in leadership in an industry that allows her to nurture and help others. Colorado was filled with opportunities and a landscape that spoke to her spirit and in 2010 after her first year in college at Minnesota State she decided to move her life west. The cannabis culture and community came at her fast and swift as her first group of friends were setting themselves up to be some of the most successful cannabis business owners to date. Unconventional was just her style so diving into business through the opportunities in cannabis came easy. Working in roles relating to compliance and regulation, then sales, and ultimately finding her affinity for marketing and branding she started her own llc providing consulting services to the industry. She has aided in producing substantial growth in the industry since 2012.

Alexandra refined her craft of branding people and businesses by working closely with leaders in the industry and in almost every facet of the industry. She’s never afraid to get her hands dirty or her boots wet and will stop at nothing.

“Behind every successful women is a tribe of other successful women who have her back.” —Alexandra Ruby

Annie Epley

Director of Operations

Born in Abbeville Louisiana, Annie is the middle child of 4 sisters, and mother of a 15-yr. old daughter, Nicole Ann-Marie. She lives the life of a small-town girl with a burning desire to change the world. Annie has been in the cannabis industry since 2012. She started as a trimmer on a grandfather farm in Humboldt California, working over the years to now staffing the farm with season long green thumbs. She was the District 32 Cannabis Campaign Manager for TCIA, organizing the first ever cannabis door to door Direct Action in Dallas during the overturn of Pete Sessions, she holds a master’s certificate from the Cannabis Training University and DFW Academy of Cannabis Science. She graduated the first cannabis education class of 20 in Texas, being invited to Austin, TX to instruct on cultivation. She continues to blaze her way through the industry while generating and supporting standards and quality control. She has a passion to serve the community while educating all things cannabis and focusing on expanding the reach when it comes to correcting the negative stigma that violently circles cannabis. As the founder of Queens of Cannabis and Christian Cannabis she is making her way through Texas cities planting seeds for improvement and movement for change. She has a passion for delivering cannabis truth and a willingness to do what it takes to educate and unite the industry.

“Ignorance is not bad for the negativity of the word, but for the absence of what could be learned.” —Annie Epley

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