Exclusive 1-Day Master Class

Brand, Biz and Bucks

Building, branding and funding your Green Rush Dreams

Are you the founder of a hemp/marijuana company who wants to raise capital to grow your business?

Do you want to...

• Feel empowered by building and understanding your brand identity and strategy so that you can raise capital your way, partnering with investors whose portfolio and practices align with your mission and values?
• Understand the language and tools of fundraising and feel competent leading your raise?
Understand the investor mindset. What they look for and what they avoid?
• Follow a clear fundraising methodology and roadmap with less stress, more confidence, and better results?
• Learn a totally different approach that will change everything about how you pitch your company?

If that sounds like you, you’re going to love this intensive master class!!

Learn how to build the right Pitch Deck to build and grow your business and use this to fundraise for your company with powerful, easy-to-follow, and proven method that demystifies the process, reduces stress, and gets you results.

The Agenda


BRANDING w/ Jennifer Whetzel

Top 3 Learning Objectives:

• Build a solid platform for your brand identity and strategy to include your Superpower, mission, vision, values, personality and tone of voice.

• Learn how to use Ladyjane’s Segmentation Model for visual design inspiration and to build a messaging platform that helps your brand form an emotional connection with consumers.

• Develop a creative brief that you can use to ensure that you can maintain a consistent brand.


Top 3 Learning Objectives

• Get clear on who you serve and how you serve them to ensure the right product/service fit.

• Map out your business model on a one page canvas to answer the 9 key questions for any business or product.

• Explore the market, industry and key trends that effect your business and validate all your assumptions.


FUNDRAISING w/ Sara Batterby

Top 5 Learning Objectives:

• The Funding Roadmap - Walk away with a clear roadmap and a proven methodology so you can be the leader in your raise
Skills and strategies: Learn the language and tools of fundraising and be an expert in the process

• Finding, engaging and closing investors: You will gain strategies for working with investors that are emotionally intelligent and designed specifically for female founders.

• Turning around unconscious bias: Recognize questions coming from a place of conscious or unconscious bias and turn them into an opportunity to shine a light on the strengths of your venture.

• Building your own capital network - You will start the process of building a capital network around yourself and your business that will support you throughout your career as an entrepreneur.

This unique workshop will be a hands-on, interactive day where the participants will walk away with not only the knowledge but the processes to get proven results and invaluable tools for founders who have not traditionally had access to cutting-edge business development and capital. You’ll have a relevant Pitch deck and learn how to conduct an efficient and effective early-stage capital raise, as well as insights and strategies that address some of the less talked about obstacles associated with strategic planning and a raise process.

About The Trainers

Jennifer Whetzel

Jennifer Whetzel is a marketing professional and founder of Ladyjane Branding. For over 25 years, Whetzel has been branding, advertising, marketing, strategizing and researching for Fortune 500 companies and B2B/B2C small businesses. After finding significant symptom relief in medical cannabis and emotional support from community members, she was inspired to use her professional expertise to help businesses in the cannabis industry develop smart, strategic and consistent brands that create deep connections with consumers

Nancy Mayer

Nancy Mayer is a profit strategist and business builder who has built several businesses and has helped many of others to become a “Top 500 fastest growing company”. She also helps build high-performing teams and Advisory Boards. Nancy offers her clients “Unconventional Experiences” which creates more innovation, collaboration and profits. Drawing on her 25 years of experience in industries like artist and event management, manufacturing and marketing and most recently software development, she provides a variety of business management and facilitation services.

Sara Batterby

Sara Batterby is the CEO and Founder of the Equity Capital Collective (EqCo), which offers insight and education to early and growth-stage startup founders to enable and empower underserved founders, such as women, people of color, LGBTQIA, and verticals such as cannabis, leading to a more equitable access to capital. Her entrepreneurial experience includes Founder and CEO of Hifi Farms, one of Oregon’s best-known cannabis brands.

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